Quick-Start: Setting Up PowerDVD & Cinemar Software

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Quick-Start: Setting Up PowerDVD & Cinemar Software

Postby mcascio » Wed Oct 08, 2008 12:18 pm

This Tutorial assumes you have installed the applications below on the appropriate computers - always install MLServer 3 first. In some scenarios, all of these applications may be installed on the same PC. This tutorial also assumes you have movies configured and setup for playback in the MLDVDLobby plugin and PowerDVD set as the Location for that movie. Your movies must have a file assocated with it in order for successful playback.


By default, the sample movie database that ships with DVDLobby does not contain any actual movie files and targets TheaterTek for playback instead of PowerDVD.

Install on Server
* MLServer 3
* MLDVDlobby 3.75
* PowerDVD Plugin

Install on Client
* MainLobby 3

Install on Movie Player along with PowerDVD Application
* PowerDVD_O (Agent)

Setup and Configuration of Movie Player:
* Start up the PowerDVD Agent by selecting START > ALL PROGRAMS > MainLobby PowerDVD Agent > MainLobby PowerDVD Agent from Windows
* Select the SETUP tab
* If the PowerDVD Location is not specified, click the FOLDER icon to browse your PC and find the PowerDVD executable (ie: C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\PowerDVD.exe)
* If your media files are in ISO format, you'll need to install Daemon Tools or Virtual Clone Drive and specify the location in the appropriate field
* The top title bar helps to identify the HOST name you'll need to specify in the PowerDVD plugin on the server: MainLobby PowerDVD Agent listening HTPC


Setup and Configuration of MLServer:
* From MLServer select View > Plugins.
* Double-click on MLPowerDVD Plugin
* From the PowerDVD Service Gateway window change the HOST in row one from HTPC1 to the name of your PC where PowerDVD is running. In our example, we've changed it to HTPC)
* Check the Auto Discover checkbox
* Within about 30 seconds, if the PowerDVD Agent is running, the status should change from Closed to Connected. If this does not happen after several minutes, you may need to open PORT 6293 on your Firewall.
* Close this window by pressing the X in the upper right corner


Configuring MLCycleStates:
* Now select MLCycleStates from the Plugins Window
* Press the text MovieZones in the State Variables list
* Change the label of row one from HTPC1 to the HOST name you've specified in the steps above (The PC Name where PowerDVD is running) (HTPC in our example)
* You can change the name that will appear in MainLobby when you select this PC for Movie Playback by editing the text Theater in the MLServer Command field at the end of the command. Let's leave this for now.
* Press DONE
* Close this window by pressing the X in the upper right corner


Launching a Movie from MainLobby:
* Open MainLobby
* Select Media > Movies (SOURCE 5)
* At the top right corner, you'll see an option to configure the MOVIE ZONE. Press the RIGHT or LEFT arrows until you land on THEATER.
* Now, select a movie from the list of thumbnails
* If everything is configured proplery, PowerDVD should launch and start playback of your specified movie
Mario Cascio
Cinemar, Inc.

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