DVDLobby375WMC (Windows Media Center) Beta Announced

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Postby freak69 » Sun Feb 15, 2009 4:11 pm

Thanks Dave - That helped a lot - I've now got cover art!

Now I have a new problem (after upgrading to the latest 3.75 version). I am no longer able to navigate using mce remote or cursor keys, only mouse. Any idea ?

Perhaps you could also help me with one other problem that been bugging for ages. Since upgrading to DVDlobby 3.75, I'm not seeing all my movies because for some reason they have become locked. I can go in manually unlock and save them , but when I open the movie again its locked. So instead I set a null lock code, verify there are no lock entries in the MLserer.ini file and restart. Still not seeing my locked movies. Any ideas on that one?


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